Zeus Tricked Us

Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash

Remember that story. The story about how humans were created with 4 arms, 4 legs, and 2 faces. Zeus feared the power of his creations so he split them into 2 parts making them spend lifetimes trying to find each other again.

The problem with this story is that I no longer believe it was because we were too powerful that he decided to split us. What if instead the world was changing? As the world changes, so do humans. There was no longer a need for 2 humans to be stuck to each other, so we seperated. What if Zeus feared the power of this separation? The realization that humans are more whole and powerful when we are by ourselves, so he tricked us into thinking that we need to spend our entire lives searching for this other half that doesn’t even exist.

Maybe this is why the world is so obsessed with love. It’s not even love at this point, its completeness. It is so much easier to love each other than ourselves so we pick the easy path, but the less rewarding one. We search our whole lives finding this one person who is somehow supposed to make us complete. When in reality, we are already whole with just ourselves. People refuse to believe this because its so hard to love yourself and let yourself exist as you are .So they rather have this obsessive disease in finding wholeness in another person.

Even when they do find someone, they are never happy. So instead of thinking,”hey maybe its not about searching for someone, maybe its something different.” These stubborn humans decide this is not my other half and search for the next person. Constantly continuing this painstaking cycle until it’s the end.

So lets all make a promise to ourselves to end Zeus’ trickery and start finding completeness in ourselves.



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