Yes You Can Be Vulnerable

Photo by mwangi gatheca on Unsplash

We’ve been taught to “turn the other cheek” to not let anything affect us. I know it was instilled in us, so we could go through all the pressures of life. Yet, it makes us hold onto so much because we never got to express the emotions we wanted to when we were in distress. We live with that pain for days or months or even years because for that one moment when it did happen, we hid our real emotions. We supressed it, and continue to suppress it.

I always used to make people’s harsh words into my motivations. I used to power all my hatred and anger towards them into working towards my dreams, and that seems like a good mindset, but in reality, it drains you. I never even got the chance to express how those words and actions really made me feel. I just pretended like it didn’t bother me, when it really did.

Then I learned that there is a better way to do this. It’s not the “graceful” and “sophisticated” way, but it’s a way where I at least didn’t have to pretend anymore.

I realized that I can express whatever emotions I want in that moment, but the one thing I cannot do and refuse to do is let a cynical person’s words prevent me from going after I want.I will let their words affect my emotions, but never my mindset.

Emotions by itself are temporary and pass after a while. The thing about a mindset is that it has permenance. It’s an established set of attritubes an indvidual has, and it is incredibly hard to change a negative mindset over a negative emotion.

The thing with emotions though, is that they have the potential to creep into your mindset, where it doesn’t belong. Once you start suppressing your emotions, they’re going to cast over you like a shadow everyday and causing you a lot of inner turmoil because you never got to express it, and soon take over your entire mentality.

So from now on, I will not suppress my emotions because I refuse to let someone’s words haunt me into my adulthood. I’m going to be vulnerable with the world, and let them judge me.



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