Why is everyone playing god?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Everyone around me. Why do we feel this superiority over everyone? Why can the select few control systems in a way where people follow it just like we follow our religious books? Why are so many people playing god and getting away with it?

I realized this as I was reading this book “God Dies by the Nile.” It was about a small village in Egypt controlled by this mayor. He did so many horrible things. He raped women, killed men, and exploited the people of his village through his power. Yet, people praised him. People felt inferior to him. At the end, the heroine of the book killed the mayor by the nile, and realized she killed Allah, she killed God by the Nile. As I was reading this a long time ago I didn’t understand why she called the mayor, Allah. I thought then he wasn't Allah he was just a human being. Now, I realized why she said she killed Allah. He acted just like Allah and had the same power over his people like Allah had over his followers.

Now I see the world in a new way. There are so many people like that mayor in the story. People controlling us, controlling our thoughts and actions like a god. I still couldn’t understand. Why are we letting them control us?

I see it now as we praise political leaders like gods as they kill innocent lives. I see it now as we praise billionaires for “speaking for the people” yet they are the reason why so many people are poor and exploited in their work. I see it now as we praise institutions and try to be noticed by these institutions that are slowly killing our sense of humanity, destroying our sense of self, and leaving us with nothing. Why would we just blindly praise abusers as our saviors?

Then I think back to the Mayavadi perspective, the brahmin belief of being like god and not serving god. That’s why we praise. We praise not because we respect or love these people and institutions, but because we want to be like them. We want to taste that power. We want that superiority. We all want to play god. We crave that feeling of looking down on everyone, and seeing ourselves at the top, and we would do absolutely anything to get it.



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