No matter how much

they better themselves

climbing up the moral high ground

we’re always going to see

them as the monsters

who made us lose faith in ourselves

and as a throbbing reminder

of the lost dreams

that’s something you can never




Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

You know when the story is already done
The moment where everyone
moved on
you still clung on


when Augustus was already gone
living as a skeleton of his former self
refused to admit that their relationship
was in the gallows

That’s what we hold onto sometimes
When everyone else
sees the end of a story
you’re still in the middle
still trying to
pick up fragments of what was
and pretend like it still is

Because both
Hazel and you
don’t want to come to terms
with the waxing of pain
that comes
when you both realize

the story is what was
and it can never again be
it still is



Photo by Paul Fiedler on Unsplash

We live in a cruel world
of monsters disguised as men
of killers who even after
ripping away at your flesh
feed you lies

The only way to survive
fend for yourself
even at the expense of others

Is that makes the world cruel?

If we got rid of the monsters
the people we deem
as inherently evil
Would the world be better?


What if the world was never cruel?
There was no inherently attached
to any individual

Instead it was your
only salvation
that created a cruel world